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I read an interesting fact just recently which stated that very few singles today who do not utilize online dating sites have had a first date in the past 30 days. The figure was actually under 20%. The statistic went on to say that over 80% of singles who take advantage of online dating sites have had a first date within the past thirty days. This is pretty compelling evidence to suggest that the most successful dating singles are the ones that are online.

More and more people are realizing the incredible benefits that accompany online dating. If you are single and are having a hard time dating, as most singles do, part of the reason is because most eligible singles are limiting their dating searches to online matchmaking engines. The success rate is much higher and so is the satisfaction. If you are skeptical about giving online dating a try, please read through the benefits below. The Advice Diva would never lead you astray.

Benefit #1 - The most important benefit to online dating is safety. When you sign up at any given dating and matchmaking service, you remain anonymous to everyone. No one sees your full name, address, email address or phone number. Absolutely no identifying information is given out until you give it out at your own discretion to the candidate of your choice. With online dating you are the one that says when and where. When you are dating the old fashioned way, you are required to give out your name, number and other personal information. This significantly decreases your safety and privacy.

Benefit #2 - Security. Most dating sites will allow you to report a user who is harassing you or annoying you in any way. You can also have certain people blocked from contacting you within the site or even have their user rights revoked if they are being really malicious. This type of protection does not exist when you are scoping for singles in a bar. When some drunken imbecile is cornering you into a conversation or is impolitely fondling you, you are the one that has to leave the forum if you want to get away from that person. You can forget about this particular grievance with an online dating site.

Benefit #3 The best online dating services allow you to sign up and create a profile completely free of charge. This allows you to log in to the website and cruise the site for potential matches without paying a dime. From there you can see who is using the site and if you would like to join and meet the other members.

Benefit #4 This is single's heaven. You will not find this many singles in one place at any single's club or event you may go to. There are millions of singles online with every possible qualifying attribute that you could be looking for. At a club you may be able to find a good looking potential single, maybe even two, but chances are they will not be a match for you on so many other levels. At an online dating site you can find an absolute perfect match. And not just one......there could be hundreds of perfect matches right there in your city and you would have NEVER met them or had a chance to get to know them elsewhere!